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Fire Extinguisher Info


Fire Extinguishers

It is recommended that fire extinguishers be located on each floor or level. You should have one in the kitchen (not too close to the stove), another in your workshop, and in the garage, basement, camper and at the cottage.


Ensure extinguishers are positioned in locations where you want them to be in the case of a fire.

Having an extinguisher in your car is also recommended.



Check the extinguisher pressure gauge every month to ensure the unit is holding its charge. If you use the extinguisher, no matter how much agent has been used the extinguisher should be considered empty, and you should have it refilled as soon as possible. The extinguisher will not maintain its pressure once it has been operated. Many extinguishers use powder agents to combat the fire. If an extinguisher has been fired (on purpose or by accident) even for just a moment, it will likely lose pressure in the near future. On firing, powered will have been exhausted through the valve (as designed). Remnants of powder will prevent the valve from closing fully. This tiny gap will result in a slow loss of pressure - meaning the extinguisher will not operate when required. 

The decision to fight a fire at your home is critical. Regardless of your choice, always get your family out of the house first, and call the fire department.


If you feel that you can extinguish the fire with your fire extinguisher, do so with caution and use the following steps.

  • Check that the pressure indicator is full, and after pulling the pin, a very short burst with the extinguisher as a check to make sure it works - if it does not work, leave immediately.

  • Approach the fire with caution, and make sure there is a clear path to an exit behind you.

  • Leave immediately if the fire is still burning after using one full extinguisher - it is likely the fire is too large for you to fight.

General Guide on Using an  Extinguisher



KEEP well back from the fire.


PULL the pin on the fire extinguisher.


AIM the extinguisher nozzle at the base of the fire.


SQUEEZE the handle.


SWEEP from side to side.


BE CAREFUL and watch for re-ignition.